How to mount an iPhone storage volume on Ubuntu Linux.

Install the required tools.

apt-get install ifuse

Connect the iPhone with a USB cable

The phone may prompt to trust the connection - answer “yes”.

Mount the volume

mkdir -p ~/iphone
ifuse ~/iphone

Copy the photos to local volume

rsync -ar ~/my_iphone/DCIM/ Pictures/my_iphone

Note: recent iOS devices store images in the HEIC format. ImageMagick’s convert command-line tool can be used to convert those HEIC images to more portable formats like PNG or JPG.

To install:

sudo apt install imagemagick

convert uses the target file extension to figure out the format. To convert an image (example with IMG7804.HEIC):

convert IMG7804.HEIC IMG7804.png

Unmount the volume

When finished with the iPhone, unmount the volume before unplugging the USB cable.

fusermount -u ~/iphone