Trying to define something always requires deciding the lens to use to view it and how to frame. How much to zoom in? What should we leave in the frame and what should be cut out?

Taking a step back leads to taking another step back, and soon we are considering the subject with a cosmic perspective that spans aeons, or perhaps it’s even timeless. Who am I? But then, who are people? Or better yet, what is humanity? What is consciousness? How do we explain the phenomenon of matter organizing itself to the point it can acquire and react to information about its surroundings, then form a model of reality that includes itself?

In the opposite direction, zooming in, examining a subject with closer and closer eye, can lead to discuss details that are so inscrutable to the uninitiated to be esoteric and completely useless. It’s the trade-off of specialization: the minutiae that can be extremely interesting or useful to some is overwhelmingly boring or meaningless to most.

In the end, it all depends on the audience. Who is this for? All I can do is guess, try something, observe the results, and adjust. Perhaps a theory will emerge from the observation of patterns grounded in reality.


  • Born in Italy, lived in New York, now living in Hawai’i.
  • Married to Angela.
  • Software professional by trade (LinkeIn).
  • Home brewer, wood worker, bread baker, gardener, fixer of broken things, maker of things.
  • Voider of warranties.
  • Figuring out how things work is a major driver.